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Our Missions

Our immersive game experience offers multiple game modes and scoring objectives. Our goal is for each game to be a little different than the last so you will want to keep coming back for more! Our standard game modes are Free For All or Team (up to 8 teams).

During your game, you can earn points by tagging more than the other players! Within our 7,000 square foot arena, search for hidden targets, elements, and bases to earn extra points and win the game. Some games even have power ups such as shields or laser bursts!

Below, we have listed our standard game briefing and the objective briefings that go along with our more popular game modes. We will play these briefings before every game to ensure all players know what's going on. We will also have our Marshals in the arena ensuring everyone is having a fun and safe game experience!
Standard Game Briefing
Free For All
This is the standard free for all format. Tag any target, player, and base in
the arena to earn points. The player with the most points when time expires
wins the game.
Team Game
This is the standard team game, with points awarded for tagging other players,
tagging the base, and tagging elements throughout the arena. Players and
elements will be deactivated with a single shot. You must continue to tag the
opposing base for 6 seconds to score the bonus. When you have been hit, find
some cover; you will automatically reactivate in 5 seconds.
Free For All Fire
A free for all game with a special bonus weapon. After tagging three players in
a row, you will be powered up with rapid fire until the next time you are tagged.
The rapid fire bonus is extremely powerful, so be careful not to allow your
opponents to earn it.
Team Fire
A team game with special bonus weapon. After tagging three players in a row,
you will be powered up with rapid fire until the next time you are tagged. The
rapid fire bonus is extremely powerful, so be careful not to allow your
opponents to earn it.
Domination - Team Game or Solo Game for less than 8 players
A team format with a focus on the targets in the arena. Every target &
element in the arena is capturable. At the beginning of the game each target
will be white. As soon as a target is tagged, it will turn to the color of the player
who tagged it. There is a 5 second ‘reset timer’ where a target that was just
captured cannot be stolen. After this timer, any other player can take the target.
Every 5 seconds, earn 50 bonus points for each target you currently control.
A free-for-all game designed by popular request. Each player begins the game as
a blue survivor. 30 seconds into the game, the zombie outbreak begins. An
announcement will play over the arena speakers to warn that the outbreak has
begun as one player is infected and turns red. Any survivor who has been hit
by a zombie will become infected. Zombies fire more slowly, but they also earn a
bonus for each player infected. Survivors will earn bonus points for as long as
they remain human. The final human player infected is awarded a massive bonus.
Although the main object of the game is to survive, points are also awarded for
tagging other survivors, making this truly every player for themselves.
A free for all game based on popular FPS games. Every 60 seconds, an
element is randomly chosen to hold the next oddball (indicated by a white
glow). The first player to tag this element gains the oddball, and their vest turns
white. While holding the oddball, you earn 50 points per second. Tag the player
who holds the oddball to take it. Every 60 seconds, the oddball is dropped and
another element is randomly chosen to hold the next oddball.
Search and Destroy
A free for all game in which the mission is to find the red targets and tag
them for 1000 points. Every one minute 4 targets at random will be
activated. You can still earn points by tagging other players & the
base stations.
Similar to Juggernaut from many First-Person-Shooter games. Thirty seconds
into the game, one player will be randomly chosen to be the rabbit. The rabbit
earns 25 points per second as long as they are not hit. Once they are
hit, the player who tagged them becomes the next rabbit. An inactivity timer will
choose a new rabbit if the rabbit sits inactive for too long. The rabbit’s vest will
turn white, while the other players’ vests will be green.
Hot Potato
Similar to the playground game - you don't want to get stuck with the hot
potato. All players start the game blue with 20,000 points. After a 30 second
timer, one player will turn red and begin losing 50 points per second. If you've
got the hot potato (a red vest) your goal is to quickly tag another player to pass
it to them and stop losing points.
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