Tournament Rules

Swiss Style Tournament  Format

Teams will play in a total of 3 to 5 rounds based on how many teams pre register for the event. Number of rounds will be determined prior to the event.

Each team will be awarded Tournament Points (TP) for a win. The team with the most points at the end of the event will be declared the winner. In the event that teams end the event with the same amount of points there will be a tie breaker round where teams that have the same score will compete against each other to determine a winner.

Team Requirements

1. Each team is required to have 4 players in order to compete. Minimum age to play is 15.
2. Each team must come up with a family friendly name to represent themselves. Team names must be approved by Mission Laser prior to the event.

3. Players competing must be in the lobby 5 min prior to his or her match start time.

If a team shows up without their full team, then a player may be drafter onto the team at the last minute.

(a)  Teams can look for other players and recruit them to their team the day of the event.
(b)  If no players are available to play, then teams may ask a member from another team to play on their team. This is the only reason a player may be allowed on more than one team.
(c) If there is one player on two teams, when said player has both teams in the same match the said player will play on the original team. Their score will be counted in both teams' total points.


Teams will compete against 3 other teams inside our arena. The teams with the highest total team points will be rewarded TP (Tournament Points).

1st place - 5 TP 
2nd place - 3 TP 
3rd place - 1 TP 
4th place - 0 TP

(a) Packs will be assigned randomly.
(b) Players cannot refuse a pack unless there is a problem such as no sound, sticky trigger or some other equipment failure.

In the case of equipment failure, players may receive another pack.
The player may become aware of problems such as sticky triggers, sound loss, or inability to tag. The player may feel the pack is ineffective; such as a weak beam or takes hits too easily. This needs to be addressed to the Game Marshal. Upon agreeance, the Marshal will escort the player to the vesting area to receive a new pack. The pack will be removed from further game play until the issue has been resolved.
Safety and Fair Play
Standard Mission Laser Safety Rulers will be in use at all times.

Running - all players must walk inside the arena
Climbing - no climbing on any of the obstacles in the arena.
Blocking - blocking infrared lasers with articles of clothing or body parts.
Physical Contact - Bumping into or hitting other players.
Tampering and/or abusing the equipment or arena is cause for immediate Tournament disqualification 
No black tape allowed in the arena.
Players can not leave the vesting or esatblished playing areas with equipment.
Unsportsmanlike conduct will be penalized. No name calling or taunting.

If a player is caught breaking a rule the team will receive a penalty. If a team receives 5 penalties in one game, they will receive 0 TP in that round. 

Penalties will be announced by a game marshal and repeated by all marshals until all marshals have done so.
After the game is played, only captains may make complaints about penalties, equipment or the arena.
All penalties called in a game are final.
Any other form of unfair play not covered in the above rules will be subject to review by tournament director. All decisions by Tournament Director are final.

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